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Change format of your standup to make people pay attention who is talking.

A person starts daily standup, it usually is the scrum master or team leader. They pass the ball and another person who starts talking. You count on people to volunteer and start talking what they are working on. It creates a blocking queue, it’s easy to be distracted and stop paying attention to what’s going on.

Nominate next person

You can simply make the daily standup more interactive between team members, but having one team member nominate another team member after they are finished with their update.

When I have finished my daily update, I nominate Mike, when Mike has nothing more to say, he nominates another person.

Basic rules

  1. Create a logical order, people working on the same thing will nominate each other in order to build logical update based on developed functionality.

  2. Make sure you are listening who is talking, do not nominate the same person twice during one standup or do 10 pushups.

  3. Integrate new members of the team by having them learn names of team members during daily standup.

  4. Do not interrupt unless you absolutely have to, you will be nominated at some point.

Extra points

  • Person A mustn’t nominate person B during the same sprint.
  • Make scrum master redundant and be the first person talking during the ceremony.