Roadmap for advancing your skills

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tl;dr; Roadmap of skills to develop, pls contribute on gitlab or github

I’ve always felt there is a missing element on what you need to learn next to progress in your skill set. Sure there are books, blogs, awesome-X pages.

Books get out of date quickly, blogs are usually managed by one person, awesome-X are often spammed with ads of technologies, aren’t skill agnostic…

and it all lacks progression roadmaps.

So I made one with Hugo. It’s pretty much empty now, I’ve only populated Java and Flutter section and it’s still opinionated how I see these technologies, so you might not agree with my opinion.

That’s even better, because I would like this to be a community managed page!

Developed with GitLab, Hugo and your support, we could build a list of topics a person needs to learn to be considered beginner or expert in their technology.

It’s pretty much a like a simple to-do list, but community managed, so you can take and give what you want. I don’t mean this to contain tutorials or learning material, rather links to good quality content. It’s for a person to read the list and notice:

“Oh, in my company we don’t do X. I’ve never done X, I should learn X!”

Or maybe you’re a mentor and want to set goals for your students? That will work too.

A link to GitLab repo and the generated pages are here.