It’s been nearly 3 years since my last post, so I don’t expect people to be here any longer.

If anybody is here, I wanted to share with you my recent development.

I wrote a simple CRUD page for storing links about topics that are of interest to me. I read the link (90% I read it, I promise), found it good quality, interesting, refreshing knowledge and I want to share this link with you, so you can gain some knowledge too!

You will find there topics like: Java, Spring, JVM, tools, Dart and Flutter, Go and Rust maybe?, SQL and PostgreSQL, other databases too, Docker, K8s, k3s and any other container related technologies, interesting open-source projects, IT and computer science learning materials, good manufacturing practices of software architecture, and probably more, whatever I found interesting to read. Soft skills tips too!

It used to act as a bot, but since they (wykop) changed their API completely, I decided to wider my audience and rewrote the bot to post on Twitter as @interfa64424182.

You can see there is already a bit of history, and more to come daily!