Switching cloud

Taken from a comment on HackerNews: Set up haproxy, nginx or similar as reverse proxy and carefully decide if you can handle retries on failed queries. If you want true zero-downtime migration there’s a challenge here in making sure you have a setup that lets you add and remove backends transparently. There are many ways of doing this of various complexity. I’ve tended to favour using dynamic dns updates for this; in this specific instance we used Hashicorp’s Consul to keep dns updated w/services.

HASS saving my meat

That one day my fridge decided to give up but blasting me with hot air right when I wanted to put food in there. Thermostat failed in a really funny way. It refused to turn the cooler on, but decided to get hot itself. I spent half a day trying to find a replacement part, for such a simple thing as GE thermostat I found no help. I couldn’t ID it, repair shops or ebay were to no help.


It’s been nearly 3 years since my last post, so I don’t expect people to be here any longer. If anybody is here, I wanted to share with you my recent development. I wrote a simple CRUD page for storing links about topics that are of interest to me. I read the link (90% I read it, I promise), found it good quality, interesting, refreshing knowledge and I want to share this link with you, so you can gain some knowledge too!

Youtube-dl git repo in ipfs

Following this simple tutorial I put youtube-dl on IPFS. Git repo ends on commit 48c5663c5f7dd9ecc4720f7c1522627665197939. You can see the git files using any gateway under hash QmQ8rwm3guU76oSsfQpo3rYfW91MXhmZ4jZLqKpHVTR4uE. and clone ipfs repo using git command using git clone https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmQ8rwm3guU76oSsfQpo3rYfW91MXhmZ4jZLqKpHVTR4uE :)