UNIX-history source codes on GitLab

I found that there are some people on GitHub that collect source codes from early UNIX ages, like first compilers, first shells, or PDP7-UNIX. Just to made them available in one place (slightly decentralize access to them) – I decided to create gitlab.com account `UNIX-history` for them. You can find there source codes from 1970, […]

Rust – get user’s home directory

fn main() { let mut path: PathBuf = get_app_dir(); path.push(".config"); path.set_file_name("properties"); path.set_extension("ini"); let str_path = path.to_str().unwrap(); if str_path.len() != 0 && path_exists(&path) { println!("Path {} exists", str_path); } }   fn get_app_dir() -> PathBuf { let dir: PathBuf = match env::home_dir() { Some(path) => PathBuf::from(path), None => PathBuf::from(""), }; dir }   pub fn path_exists(path: […]