Switching cloud

Taken from a comment on HackerNews: Set up haproxy, nginx or similar as reverse proxy and carefully decide if you can handle retries on failed queries. If you want true zero-downtime migration there’s a challenge here in making sure you have a setup that lets you add and remove backends transparently. There are many ways of doing this of various complexity. I’ve tended to favour using dynamic dns updates for this; in this specific instance we used Hashicorp’s Consul to keep dns updated w/services.

Adding Desktop Icons to sdkman managed packages

When you install package like jmc or VisualVM from sdkman, the installation is for your current user only, so it doesn’t create desktop shortcuts allowing you to start program from Gnome or KDE app launchers. Unfortunately this by design forces users to start application from command line, even when it’s a desktop application. To fix it, and be able to run jmc from Alt+F2 launcher you need to create your own desktop file like this:

HASS saving my meat

That one day my fridge decided to give up but blasting me with hot air right when I wanted to put food in there. Thermostat failed in a really funny way. It refused to turn the cooler on, but decided to get hot itself. I spent half a day trying to find a replacement part, for such a simple thing as GE thermostat I found no help. I couldn’t ID it, repair shops or ebay were to no help.


It’s been nearly 3 years since my last post, so I don’t expect people to be here any longer. If anybody is here, I wanted to share with you my recent development. I wrote a simple CRUD page for storing links about topics that are of interest to me. I read the link (90% I read it, I promise), found it good quality, interesting, refreshing knowledge and I want to share this link with you, so you can gain some knowledge too!

Youtube-dl git repo in ipfs

Following this simple tutorial I put youtube-dl on IPFS. Git repo ends on commit 48c5663c5f7dd9ecc4720f7c1522627665197939. You can see the git files using any gateway under hash QmQ8rwm3guU76oSsfQpo3rYfW91MXhmZ4jZLqKpHVTR4uE. and clone ipfs repo using git command using git clone :)

ZFS rename devices in pool to disk ID

zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id poolname Converts: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM poolname ONLINE 0 0 0 mdisk1 ONLINE 0 0 204 mdisk2 ONLINE 0 0 627K mdisk3 ONLINE 0 0 0 to map disks by ID (example): NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM poolname ONLINE 0 0 0 wwn-0x1000000 ONLINE 0 0 204 wwn-0x2000000 ONLINE 0 0 627K wwn-0x3000000 ONLINE 0 0 0