Quick µBlock origin configuration

If you are still using AdBlock+ or AdBlock Edge, it’s time to switch to uBlock.

It’s faster, consumes less memory, uses less CPU, it’s community driven, not developed by a company, doesn’t support white-listing, so only you decide what you want to block, and what is very important, it has a built-in list of filters (which is also built-in in AdBlock, but people don’t know about it).

Start from uninstalling AdBlock, then install µBlock, go to Addons -> µBlock -> Preferences -> 3rd party filters and select all those filters:

µblock configuration

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  1. i think its better to fix the topic name from ublock to ublock origin. or im kinda confused which one u mean for using in the topic. because the topic name is ublock but the reference link for the add-on inside the topic for ublock origin.

    there is a different between




    use ublock origin ;) .

    btw u can also add the prevention of webRTC from the first page of ublock origin.

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