Browsers addons reference

which every user should have to improve their privacy, security, save RAM and CPU Firefox Chrome Opera Safari Must have HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS Everywhere – Must have Privacy Badger Privacy Badger – – Must have uBlockOrigin µBlocko µBlock – Should have Disconnect Disconnect Disconnect – Should have NoScript ScriptBlock NotScripts JS Blocker Optional […]

Quick µBlock origin configuration

If you are still using AdBlock+ or AdBlock Edge, it’s time to switch to uBlock. It’s faster, consumes less memory, uses less CPU, it’s community driven, not developed by a company, doesn’t support white-listing, so only you decide what you want to block, and what is very important, it has a built-in list of filters […]

Better security, privacy and anonymity in Firefox

In this post gathered some information about several attacks that can be used to track, identity web-browser users in many ways. I will show you here how to protect yourself from those attacks. Information given here should be useful for many communities, for people who hate ads online, who don’t want to be tracked online […]